Provides common image styles and helps make them responsive!

Key Features

  • Several image style presets of various sizes
  • Integration with media.module for style presets
  • Responsive CSS logic for image styles

Image Styles

  • Featured - Integrated with the featured view mode provided by Panopoly Theme
  • Full - Provides images at full width
  • Half - Provides images at half width
  • Quarter - Provides images at quarter width
  • Spotlight - Integrated with the spotlight entity provided by Panopoly Widgets
  • Square - Provides images cropped to a square ratio
  • Thumbnail - Provides a small thumbnail of the image, suitable for previewing
  • Video - Provides a thumbnail for an embedded video image

This module is part of the Panopoly Distribution which requires several modules and libraries. See the Panopoly project page for more information and file all issues in the main issue queue.

Project Information