Panels Wrapper: Element style settings
Panels Wrapper: Raw style settings
Wrapper elements provided by Fences module


Enable the module to find additional region and pane styles in Panels. Below is a list of those currently included. Please share and contribute your styles! :)

Panels Wrapper

Wrap your panes and regions with unlimited possibilities.

  • Go HTML5! Wrap your content in the newly defined tags.
  • Add custom containers and HTML.
  • Simplify and beautify Panels markup.

Sample output after applying the wrapper elements on 1 region and 2 content panes: the powered by block and a main menu.


<header id="#powderedby">Hello World</header>
<footer><span>Powered by <a href="">Drupal</a></span></footer>

<h3>Main menu</h3>
<nav id="#main-menu" class="navigation menu">
<ul class="menu clearfix"><li><a href="/d">Home</a></li></ul>


Wrapper: Element

Wrap any region or pane with one of several dozen tags, including HTML5 elements.

Wrapper: Raw

Wrap any region or pane with a custom raw prefix and suffix.

Install the Fences module for a plethura of element options!


  • Wrapper: Element
    • 'Add more' ajaxy button for attributes.

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