Paging Configuration


Break long pages into smaller ones automatically by words(or characters) limit, or by means of a customizable pagination tag:

First page here.
Second page here.
More pages here.

Drupal 7 version
Not all of the features introduced in the Drupal 6 version of paging are supported in Drupal 7. If you need a feature that is no longer supported, please search the issue queue, at right, for a similar request, and state your case. Features that are still needed may be added back in.

Upgrading from D6 to D7
We are currently working on an upgrade path from D6 to D7.

Sites using paging


  • Customizable page separator string.
  • Form or image button to insert page separator string in content.
  • Link "Read more" to second page when the teaser is larger than or equal to the first page.
  • Option of pager navigation style to choose. Possible values are theme_pager(), theme_paging_drop_down() or any custom theme function.
  • Configurable pager navigation position. Below content or Above content or both, or manual position using $node->paging in node.tpl.php.
  • Load pages dynamically using AJAX.
  • Page names feature. Define pages using

    format or use the Page names interface.

  • Page navigation block with page names.
  • Change page title to name of current page.
  • Automatic pagination with either character count or word count.
  • All settings are configurable per content type.
  • ... and some undocumented touches. Feature requests are most welcome!


  • Installation and support instructions can be found in README.txt.
  • Find further documentation, answers to FAQs, and other enhancement guides on the handbooks page at:

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