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Paging Configuration


Break long pages into smaller ones automatically by words(or characters) limit, or by means of a customizable pagination tag:

First page here.
Second page here.
More pages here.


  • Automatic pagination with either character count or word count.
  • Change page title to name of current page.
  • Customizable page separator string.
  • WSYIWYG plugin to insert page separator string into content.
  • Link "Read more" to second page when the teaser is larger than or equal to the first page.
  • Configurable pager position: Below content, Above content or both!
  • Define different names for each page using <!--pagenames:First page title||Second page title--> format.
  • Page navigation block using page names.


  • Installation and support instructions can be found in README.txt.
  • Find further documentation, answers to FAQs, and other enhancement guides on the handbooks page at:

Drupal 8

* There is no official plan to create or support a Drupal 8 version of the Paging module.
* If someone creates one, and wants to support it, we would be happy to add them as a co-maintainer.
* Please follow this issue for progress on a Drupal 8 port.

Drupal 7 / Backdrop CMS

* There is a version of this module available for Backdrop CMS.
* Development will happen in tandem for Drupal 7 and Backdrop CMS indefinitely.

Drupal 6 & below

* Older versions of this module are no longer supported.

Supporting organizations: 
Sponsored port to Drupal 7 and Backdrop CMS
Ported to Drupal 7 and Backdrop CMS

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