Pages module allows you to create dynamic pages (nodes) from static text files.

It's a simple module, and useful when working with installation profiles.

Pages grabs the files from two locations:

  • "files/pages" directory
  • "modules/pages/pages"

You can put the files inside folders to organize them, e.g.:

  • files/pages/about/about.txt (The title of the page will be About)
  • files/pages/about/team.txt
  • files/pages/privacy/policy.txt
  • files/pages/terms/terms.txt
  • files/pages/work/work_decoration.txt (The title of the page will be Work Decoration)

Pages can create menu items for these pages (default main menu).

Pages can also works with Translation & Title project (still very expermintal), e.g.:

  • files/pages/about/about-en.txt
  • files/pages/about/about-ar.txt

To get your pages you can either:

  • Enable the module and it'll create them
  • Call this function:


        pages_create(array('menu' => 'user-menu'));

  • Thanks to Meedan for inspiring this project. Meedan is a leader in English <-> Arabic translation, news, dialogues and social media.

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