Page Theme module

The Page Theme module is a simple and easy module to use which allows to use different themes than the site default on specific pages.


  • Assign a theme to a single page or list of pages. (Set a page as a Drupal path)
  • Allow to use '*' character as a wildcard in Drupal paths.
  • Allow to arrange themes. (If pages are several defined, the first theme in the list will be used)
  • Allow to enable/disable a theme.
  • Drupal novice friendly.


If another theme is displayed as expected, enable the Page Theme Debugger block from the Page Theme Debugger module. The block displays a list of modules which override the system default theme sorted by module's call-up.

Similar modules

This module is similar to some other modules, but different in some ways. Specifically:

  • Content Theme which allows to use different themes than the site default on content creating, editing, and viewing pages.
  • Sections which has most of the same features as Page Theme, but adds a role based selection and a "php snippet" area to choose the theme.

The extra features of the other modules may seem like a benefit, but they make the other modules more complicated to use and to maintain. The benefit of the Page Theme module is that it is easy to use and handles most people's needs.

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