This module uploads a zip file of images, pdf or documents to a pre-configured directory and extracts it there. Location of directory can be changed through admin configurations.

There are certain situations where a user would require a bulk of files to be uploaded at server. You can take an example of feed import activity where a user uploads node using feed importer. There could be an image or file field which requires files to be uploaded however there is no simple way to move all files via FTP first and then refer the path of uploaded files in your csv or excel files for a specific node to be created.

By using Pack & Upload this process can be very easy just by following the steps:

  1. Create a .zip of files you want to upload.
  2. Change pack & upload settings and specify a directory where you want to move all uploaded files.
  3. Now go to uploader form, provide path to your pack (.zip) and upload.
  4. Once uploading is completed it will extract all files in the specified directory.

Note: Make sure you have the right permissions to the directory where you want to upload.

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