The OSS SDK for PHP provides a library for developers working with Aliyun OSS(Open Storage Service).
Aliyun OSS is an open storage service provided by Aliyun Company which owned by Alibaba Group.
Note that this module doesn't provide any visible functions to the user on its own, it just provides sdk library register/load services for other modules.


Libraries API (2.x)


Download the latest version of the OSS SDK for PHP from here and extract/place it in the libraries directory
within the site you are working. That may be 'default' or 'all' like the
following: sites/all/libraries or sites/default/libraries. The end result after
extracting the library should be sites/.../libraries/osssdk/sdk.class.php.


The OSS service credential can be configured by using self-provided form to enter the oss access id and oss access secret.


Simply call:


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