There is well-known issue with fast-growing table cache_form. This table stores Drupal form cache and it isn’t cleared when you flush all cache or run cron. Also you can struggle with problem of fragmentation with InnoDB tables on active delete/insert operations. This module provide functionality to solve this problem. Also its provide additional tools for maintenance database.

Module OptimizeDB provide such features:

  1. Ability to clean cache_from in administrative page or do it by cron.
  2. Ability to optimize all database’s tables and display its sizes.
  3. Configuration of notification about necessity to perform maintenance tasks.
  4. Perform check and repair operation with tables.
  5. Prevent crashing tables when perform all maintained actions.

Additional features:

  1. Work with MySQL and PgSQL
  2. Execute operations with Drush

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Module works with PHP 5.2.x +

I advise you to make backup of database before you perform optimization operations, because probability of lost data is exist.

Drupal 8

In Drupal 8 problem with table "cache_form" is fixed. Forms cache is automatically cleared on some site pages, after the page loads.

Cleaning takes place in the method:


Need porting others functions module to Drupal 8.

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The sponsor of this module: Elasticweb.

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