This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module allows integration of Video Advertisements streamed via Revive ad server (formerly OpenX ad server) into videos played via flowplayer using the Video Module. The module requires configuration of Revive Ad Server, Video Streaming Server (possibly Red5 or one of the paid RTMP services) and Flowplayer before it can be used. The development of this module was sponsored by

Read before you use

1. This module has not been tested with the latest versions of OpenX, Video Module or Flowplayer.

2. The module requires patching of Video Module before it can be used.

3. Possibly reasonable amount of work will have to be done before this can be made to work with the latest versions of Review Ad Server, Video Module or Flowplayer.

4. We (zyxware) are available for paid customizations of this module provided you allow us to contribute the customizations back here.

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Built the module

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