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In the UK the Ordnance Survey has been responsible for surveying and mapping since the eighteenth century. Many UK citizens are familiar with the cartographic symbols and standards used.

OpenSpace is an API provided by the Ordnance Survey which allows for these maps to be accessed online. It also allows access to various UK specific data (such as electoral ward).

The mission of the OpenSpace module is to provide integration between Drupal and OpenSpace.

Current State

The module has recently been updated to include openlayers integration, this functionality is contained within a sub-module within the project called openspace_openlayers.

The original openspace module remains intact - it will allow for one block to be placed on the site with a basic OpenSpace map in it with a specified size location and zoom level. This can be used if you want to put an OS map somewhere on your site. The block is edited via block admin.

Enabling openspace_openlayers will expose an Openspace layer to OpenLayers which can be used by following the instructions in the README.txt

To use either of these modules you will need to sign up for an OpenSpace API key. The key can be entered in two locations, the openspace module config or the openlayers config, however the key is shared across both, so a change in one will be reflected in the other.

Future Plans

The next stage will to be to look at how this module can work with the GEO module.


The original openspace module was developed by:
* [Jeremy French] (

The openspace_openlayers module was sponsored by Brightlemon Ltd
* [ronald_istos] (
* [johngriffin] (

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