Open Politic

Audience: Citizens, Communities & NGOs focused on strengthening democracy.

Community Tool for generating a digital profile of the candidates where citizens can report actions taken by the candidate successes and failures.


  • Ability to create political parties
  • Ability to create public job candidates belonging to a political party.
  • Ability to store the candidates proposed
  • Possibility to compare candidates proposals on specific topics.
  • Users can report achievements, failures, legal proceedings or sentencing processes of candidates or political parties, this reports are called references
  • Each citizens can vote like or dislike for one candidate or party
  • Ability to share the profile of a candidate, party or reference.
  • Ability to make comments about a party, candidate or reference

Replicating the experience:

Open Politic is a Drupal distribution that allows any person anywhere in the world, implementing a site for your local or national elections.

Open Politic use Drupal theme Transparency.

A full Drupal install is available at

If you are comfortable with drush make the make file build-openpublic.make can be used to build openpolitic with the command

drush make --prepare-install build-openpolitic .make openpolitic

Please feel encouraged to contribute code, tutorials, screencasts, and other documentation for OpenPublic. Please email us at for more information.

Project information

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