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This module is designed to be a set of simple wrapper functions for querying book edition and author metadata from Open Library or a service running the same software, using the Open Library RESTful API. It also transparently caches requests, to be kind to the providers of these services.

In addition a set of theme functions are provided, which for many developers may be all they need to achieve what they want. eg:

theme('openlibrary_edition', '9781882114986', 'isbn', 'title');

... will return a book title, linking to the Open Library, and

theme('openlibrary_edition', '9781882114986', 'isbn', 'block');

... will return the cover image for that edition of the book, plus more detailed information about the book (template file provided to make it easy to customise this).

There are also two sample modules included that make use of the API:

Open Library Filter

This is an input filter module which inserts book edition metadata into posts using a simple wiki-like syntax. eg.:


... and


... are equivalent to the two PHP examples above.

Open Library ISBN Formatter

This is a CCK display formatter for the ISBN Field module. It provides a 'title' or 'block' display format (as above) for ISBN fields.

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