Allows you to delegate your URL as an OpenID. This prevents your from having to run your own OpenID server while allowing you to harness your site as an OpenID. If you switch OpenID Providers, just switch your settings in the module. This means you can log into sites using your site's address as the OpenID login.


  1. Extract the module to your favorite modules directory (sites/all/modules)
  2. Enable the module in admin/modules
  3. Visit admin/config/services/openidurl and set the OpenID URL that will appear on the front page (given to you by your OpenID Provider)
  4. When logging into an OpenID-enabled website, use your own website's address (

User OpenID URLs

Users can delegate their own user profiles as OpenID URLs when the "set personal openid url" permission is set for them. This means that they can login to OpenID-enabled websites by entering their own user profile (

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