This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.



Need to add a list of admin OpenIDs to many websites and not lose sanity while maintaining that list across all servers? This module is for you.

You can still maintain arbitrary list of OpenIDs on each site, but the framework ensures a list of allowed and banned OpenIDs (for the "admin" user), in addition to the local list.

This tool is for Drupal service-providers that maintain many websites and need to give admin access to a number of people, across multiple websites, for maintenance and support purposes.


  1. Install Libraries module (D5 version has a "safe" backport embedded):
  2. Download YAML library from:
    Extract zip file and install spyc.php under "spyc" sub-folder of sites/all/libraries (or sites/sitename/libraries).

Also, please make sure to read README.txt accompanying the module, for installation and configuration instructions.

Maturity Status

Both client and server modules of the framework have been thoroughly tested in development and have no known issues. However, these modules are new, and have been used in production, only for a limited duration.


This project is sponsored by Phase2 Technology

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