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Opengrid UI provides a dynamic jquery interface that allows theme developers to easily configure grid based layouts without touching CSS code. Opengrid UI was developed as a companion module for OpenG fixed/liquid grid, base theme and is used along with OpenG in all our custom Drupal theming projects.

Features & Functionality to make wary themers swoon

  • Individually configure the grid settings of 8 regions
  • Real-time editing of layout as the regions shift before your eyes
  • Supports the 12, 16, 24 column options of OpenG
  • Push, Pull, Omega, Alpha, Prefix and Suffix settings for each region
  • Configure the grid settings of blocks!
  • Add custom css classes to elements via the UI
  • Overlay grid guide
  • Export settings to code and disable module once layout is configured

*Note: We use this module for quickly adjusting the grid settings of projects which are sub-themes of OpenG. Once the grid layout has been set, we export the settings to code and disable the module. This module would not have to be enabled on a production site so usage statistics should hopefully show zero!

The module is still in active development. Please use latest development release.

Your feedback and bug reports are welcome.


Developed by: Mauro Yacuzzi - mauro72
Sponsored by: Mojah Media

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