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OpenFed is a general-purpose, multilingual Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 distribution.

It is developed by the Belgian Federal Public Service Policy and Support (BOSA) as part of the Fast2Web offering.

Included in this distribution (7.x)

  • Pre-defined content types for meetings, jobs etc (available as Feature)
  • An advanced web text editor (CKEditor)
  • Support for advanced search (Apache Solr, Autocomplete and Attachments modules)
  • Several modules for customizing layout (Display Suite, Field Group, Weight)
  • Modules for improving security (Secure Login, Security Kit, Username Enumeration Prevention)

Requirements (7.x)

  • PHP 5.3.5 (or greater) is recommended
  • A PHP memory_limit set to 192 - 320M (depending on the number of modules)
  • An HTTPS-enabled webserver (e.g. Apache)


  • Make sure HTTPS is enabled on your webserver (installation defaults to enabling HTTPS and will fail unless "disable HTTPS" is checked in the installer)

Recommended Installation (8.x)

We highly recommend using Composer to build and maintain your Openfed-based project’s codebase.

composer create-project openfed/openfed8-project:^1.0 MYPROJECT --no-interaction

For more information on creating and maintaining your Openfed project with composer, see our Openfed Project README.

You can also download and install Openfed from a tarball (links below), but this is no longer the recommended method and will likely be deprecated in the future.


Developed by Blue4You and sponsored by FPS BOSA DG Digital Transformation.

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