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OpenFed is a general-purpose, multilingual Drupal 7 distribution.

It is developed by/for the Belgian Federal Public Service for ICT (Fedict) as part of the Fast2Web offering.

Included in this distribution

  • Pre-defined content types for meetings, jobs etc (available as Feature)
  • An advanced web text editor (CKEditor)
  • Support for advanced search (Apache Solr, Autocomplete and Attachments modules)
  • Several modules for customizing layout (Display Suite, Field Group, Weight)
  • Modules for improving security (Secure Login, Security Kit, Username Enumeration Prevention)


  • PHP 5.3.5 (or greater) is recommended
  • A PHP memory_limit set to 192 - 320M (depending on the number of modules)
  • An HTTPS-enabled webserver (e.g.Apache)


  • Make sure HTTPS is enabled on your webserver (installation will fail if this is not the case)


Developed by Blue4You and Fedict, sponsored by Fedict.

Supporting organizations: 
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