Unleash the Power of Drupal with OpenEdu

OpenEDU is a powerful Drupal-based framework built for higher education. Every university has unique technological constraints, branding messaging, and user experience needs. A great framework realizes that. A smart framework helps you to bypass the need for extensive manpower and budget to get an amazing website up and running.


OpenEDU is technologically intelligent, user-friendly and ready-to-go. It delivers more than just a base to start with - it empowers you with endless opportunities to customize and deliver a web environment as unique and functional as your educational system.

These features were developed at ImageX Media for the OpenEDU framework.

Due to licensing problems, two contrib modules are required to be downloaded manually:

  1. HybridAuth Social Login
  2. Views Isotope

Intelligent Coding. Smart Delivery

    Out of the box, OpenEdu will save developers incredible time and effort kickstart a school’s website by providing the base code needed to:

    • Consolidate databases
    • Manage syndication across sites
    • Restrict authorship privileges to meet IT governance needs
    • Publish custom calendars
    • Integrate course catalogues
    • Produce JSON files for mobile apps
    • Upcoming OpenEDU Features

        OpenEDU delivers infinite opportunities for universities, college and schools to deliver a student-driven web-ecosystem that’s unique, modular and extensible. Modules included with every download:

        OpenEDU Schools
        OpenEDU Schools can represent schools, departments (academic or administrative), programs and courses. Each entity can have endless associations with staff and faculty. Content can be created and delivered through each entity with a unique brand personality.

        OpenEDU Syndicate
        Configure and implement methods for syndicating content both internally (to the college) and externally (to registered interested parties and/or applications). When associated with a schools, each entity can maintain a content feed based on multiple content types.

        OpenEDU Workbench
        Decide who can publish what and govern a step-by-step content publication process that ensure consistent delivery.

        OpenEDU Identity
        Gather user information by allowing logins with accounts from Google, Facebook, and other social networks or, deploy your own authentication method.

        OpenEDU Themes
        Create multiple themes and layouts that are unique to each school and department while maintaining the overall brand personality throughout your ecosystem. All sites created within OpenEdu will live in one powerful system with robust autonomy in design and content types used.

        OpenEDU Calendar
        Manage multiple events and notify relevant sites about what’s happening campus-wide.

        OpenEDU Social
        University’s looking to strengthen their social presence through their site can do easily with OpenEDU Social. Send messages directly to multiple social media accounts with full social network management at the same time.

        OpenEDU API
        Integrate everything from mobile applications, RSS feeds, LMS course catalogues (such as Moodle), internally-used administrative software and more. You can also force login IDs from university systems to be used when content producers update website.

        See the Possibilities with OpenEdu

        OpenEdu is currently powering a wide range of schools systems - check it out!

        University of California: Irvine
        Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD)
        Trinity University
        Massachusetts Maritime Academy

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