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This module makes it possible to select and collect content from
The Guardian newspaper for reuse on your Drupal site via the Open Platform API.

You can use this module to get access to over 1 million articles dating back 10 years in addition to the most recent content published on a daily basis.

Unlike RSS feeds you are in the driving seat with this module. In other words, via the use of the Open Platforms search options, integrated into this module, you have the power to tailor exactly what you get back.

Straight after installing this module you will be able to display a block on your page showing the latest headlines based on your search criteria. You will also have the option to display thumbnails in the block along with short trail text if you so wish.

In order to publish an entire article on your site you will need to get an API key which can be easily obtained from here http://guardian.mashery.com/

This module will appeal to any kind of site that would like to offer its users the most up to date news. Or maybe you would like to show the latest news articles based on a particular topic on your site and allow your users to have open discussions on the content.


  • Search for content based on keywords or categories
  • Chose which fields you would like to display, thumbnail, body, trail text etc
  • Display a block based on your search query and display preferences
  • Publish an entire article


If you would like to publish articles as nodes you will need an API key which you can obtain from the following link http://guardian.mashery.com/

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