OpenLayers Editor is a web-based tool for easy and precise creation of spatial data. It is build purely with HTML and JavaScript and thus runs on the desktop and mobile devices without plug-ins. Try a demo.

This module simply adds an additional behavior to the OpenLayers module characterized by the following features.



  • Based on OpenLayers
  • Easily customizable and extensible
  • Small and fast
  • Open Source


  • Supports point, path and polygon geometry types
  • Vector layer support (for example WFS)
  • Snapping to existing features, guide lines or features from external data sources
  • CAD-like feature construction
  • Undo and redo
  • Modify geometries
  • Drag geometries
  • Draw hole into polygons

Server-side geometry processing

  • Split polygons and lines
  • Merge polygons
  • Clean and validate geometries
  • Based on PostGIS geometry processing



  1. Add this module to your Drupal installation.
  2. Run drush dl-ole or download the latest library to your sites/all/libraries directory.
  3. Enable this module and configure the OpenLayers Editor behavior for your maps.

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