Transition control based on group roles


OG Workflow integrates the permission systems of Organic Groups (OG) and Workflow. Permissions for workflow state transitions can be granted based on OG group roles (see screenshot).


Use Version 1 for OG 1.x. There is no node access control for this version, but you can use Rules to bind state transitions e.g. to publish/unpublish actions.


Version 2 integrates with OG 2.x and is not compatible with OG 1.x. Additionally, it integrates with og_access (part of OG). That means that private entries in groups are respected and people cannot view them even if workflow would allow them (enable strict access control in OG settings).


The "OG Workflow Access" module integrates with the Workflow Access module, part of the Worfklow module, which allows to assign node permissions to roles based on the state a node is in. This sub-module allows to do the same with group roles: access to nodes in a group is granted based in the roles of that group.

The latest 7.x-2.x-dev works only with workflow 7.x-2.0-dev new than 14.01.2014, because the workflow API has changed. We will release a stable version as soon as workflow becomes stable.


The 6.x version of OG Workflow is no longer maintained.


OG Workflow 7.x is maintained by Tim-Erwin and shenzhuxi.

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