This is an API module for developers. It doesnt do much on its own. Please install if required by other modules.


og_settings module helps developers to use a standard api and database schema for getting/setting persistent variables
for each organic group. The api (and implementation) is similar to drupal core api functions for storing/getting/setting
site-wide persistent variables (variable_get(), variables_set(), variable_del ()).

API functions

og_settings_variable_set($gid, $name, $value)    //Sets a persistent variable for group "$gid"

og_settings_variable_get($gid, $name, $default)  // Returns a persistent variable for the group "$gid"

og_settings_variable_del($gid, $name)  // Delete a persistent variable "$name" for organic group "$gid"

og_settings_variable_del_all($gid)  // Deletes all persistent variables for organic group "$gid"

This module also simplify the process of creating forms used by users (typically group administrators) to set/change
the value of persistent variables for their group (similar to "system_setting_form()" offered by drupal core).

og_settings_form($form, $gid) //Add default buttons to an og settings form.

This module was developed at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science ( at Harvard University

Project Information