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Interface for enabling and disabling private content
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Organic Groups Private Content is a simple access control module for Organic Groups. It allows users with the 'access private group content' permission to set content within a group as private. Private content is then only accessible to people with the same permission.

Intended Use Case: If you are using OpenAtrium or OrganicGroups to manage projects between an agency and clients, you can use this module to create content that only agency members can view (similar to the way Basecamp from 37Signals behaves).


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  1. Install as usual, see for further information.
  2. To use with Team Notifications checkboxes, please:
    • enable the notifications_team_users_custom feature in Features UI
    • go to Message & Notifications > Notificataions Settings > Team UI and set "VIEW FOR USER SELECTION" to notifications_team_users_custom

* Configure user permissions in Administer > User Management > Permissions
* Give the permission "access private group content" to the users that should be able to see private content and mark content as private

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