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OG Node Approval offers content review between group members allowing them to approve or reject content. When creating or updating content simply choose the audience for the content (including multiple groups), save the node, and the module will insert group members from those respective audiences into the a node approval table.


  • After a configured threshold of members approves the node content OG Node Approval integrates with the Flag module flagging the node as globally "approved".
  • OG Node Approval provides tokens of state collection on a node with which you can integrate into Rules or some other workflow module.
  • OG Node Approval provides hook_ona to act on operations such as global approve/reject and user approve/reject. It passes in a state collection array much like the above tokens to do workflow or custom approval methods via a custom module
  • The easy user interface has been split into a sub-module, OG Node Approval UI that you may enable if you don't want to code your own custom interface. Without enabling this module there is no way to approve or reject nodes.

Output-wise, OG Node Approval displays the status of each group member for that content, and embeds a form within the content to allow group members easy access to change their status. Once they change their initial 'pending' status, they can no longer change it back to 'pending'. Also, users may publish comments when they reject content.

OG Node Approval integrates with Views 2 to allow fields, filters, and sorting based on either user node approval status. Flag module also integrates with Views 2.

Important Notice: At this time the 1.x branch is unsupported. An upgrade path has been coded, but not thoroughly tested.

This module was developed for a client of Kosada, Inc.

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