This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Overrides the internal "add users" page of Organic Groups with a more powerful alternative.

The D7 branch requires Views bulk operations.

Takes a list where each row can be either:

  1. username
  2. mail address
  3. firstname, lastname, mail address
  4. firstname, lastname, mail address, desired username

In case 1 or if there is an mail address provided, the module first checks if it matches an existing user, and adds that user to the group.

In case 2-4, if there is no matching user, the user will be created (as long as the person submitting the form has permissions to do so). Newly created users will also have a content profile node created for them if enabled (has a settings page).

The usernames are created by trying these alternatives in order:

  1. If one is provided, the suggested username
  2. The first part of the email address (everything before the @)
  3. If both firstname and lastname is provided, "F.L".
    F is x number of letters from firstname, where x starts at 1 and goes up to the full length of firstname.
    L is lastname.
  4. If firstname is provided without lastname, firstname only.
  5. If lastname is provided without firstname, lastname only.
  6. If both firstname and lastname is provided, try adding numbers 1 and up to a name formatted as F.Lastname where F is the first letter of firstname.
  7. Last (only performed if the previous combination didn't) add numbers 1 and up to the first part of the email address.

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