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Set defaults for Organic group 'group' nodes. This is useful when your site has more than one group type.

Currently supports the following 'per-group-type' settings:

Organic groups (og)

  • Membership requests (ie. Open, Moderated, Invite only, Closed )
  • Registration form
  • List in groups directory
  • Group language
  • Theme configuration
  • Description
  • Audience checkboxes (for posts)

Organic groups access control (og_access)

  • Private group

Contrib modules

  • OG Menu

You also get the option of enforcing the selected defaults by hiding the form elements on the node add/edit forms. Roles with with 'administer organic groups' will bypass this.


Your site may have an 'Public group' content type and a 'Private group' content type. With Organic groups defaults you can make all 'Public groups', by default, be membership requests: open, registration form: true, list in groups directory: true and private: false, while having all 'Private groups' default to membership requests: closed, registration form: false, list in groups directory: false and private: true

Developed by Egressive with support from NZ Ultimate.

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