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Open Flash Chart 2 API

********** ATTENTION: **********

This module is now merged with Open Flash Chart API according to the following discussions [1], [2]. The code has been migrated to Open Flash Chart API version 6.x-3.x so I recommend using that module instead of this one because no new features will be implemented here. I will also update the documentation page to reflect the Open Flash Chart API version 6.x-3.x soon.


This module provides an API to generate Open Flash Chart 2 charts in Drupal.


  • Option to use SWFObject to embed charts with dynamic publishing.
  • Option to automatically apply wmode:transparent to all charts. This helps fix the issue about Flash content always stays on top and ignores z-index of all other elements.
  • User can specify additional Flash parameters when rendering charts.
  • Uses standards compliance and cross-browser support XHTML code to embed charts using the "nested-objects" method. (more info)
  • Easy-to-understand and straightforward built-in API for creating charts.
  • Supports third party API e.g. the php-ofc-library that comes with Open Flash Chart 2 package.

Installation and usage instructions

Please see the documentation for installation instruction and examples on how to use the module.

Live demo

You can take a look at the demo page for a quick overview on some features of Open Flash Chart 2 API

NOTE: This module requires PHP 5.2 or greater in order to handle the JSON data format used by Open Flash Chart 2.

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