This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

oData is currently being refactored.

This drupal module can manage and display data provided by any Open Data Web Services using Views module.

Firstly you can add an Open Data Web Service and select the available entity you're interested in. You can add as many oData endpoints you want.

Then you can create various displays using the Views module. You select a registered endpoint, and choose the data you needs to display. With Views we have an extremely flexible way to display the content:

Among others, we can:

  • Show the latest x entries, in a page with a custom url, or with a block in a sidebar
  • With or without pager
  • With sorting capabilities (order by timestamp, product id etc)
  • Displaying a specific set via an argument (for example show only from a specific category)
  • Show the results as a theme list, table, grid etc

Once the user creates the view, the results are fetching direct from the Open Data Web Service real-time (for now).


How to create a Drupal oData display in Youtube

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