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gnu ocrad for drupal interface

What is Ocrad?

Ocrad is a program to recognize text in images. Ocrad for drupal is a drupal interface to use ocrad.

Current state of Ocrad for Drupal 7

The ocrad drupal module is able to import single files, such as .pbm, .ppm and .pgm, and display the result recognizing the text.


It needs ocrad unix command installed in the system if you are using a system based in debian, such as trisquel or ubuntu, you can do:

sudo apt-get install ocrad.

Ocrad can be installed like any other Drupal module -- place it in the modules directory for your site and enable it on the "admin/modules" page, or with drush.

$ drush dl ocrad
$ drush en ocrad


Currently, you can upload image files from /ocrad with a single form and configure the ocrad binary from /admin/config/content/ocrad

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