The NPR project is a package of 6 modules.

  • The npr_pull module allows a Drupal site builder to pull down NPR API stories and turn them into local drupal nodes, either in an ad-hoc fashion, or regularly via a cron.
  • The npr_api module makes NPR API calls much easier, and provides a good starting point for the advanced drupal developer to build custom modules.
  • The npr_push module allows admins to take locally-created stories and push them up to the NPR API. Please note: it requires a special API key + registering your IP address with NPR (you can only push with that key from that IP). Please contact NPR Digital Services for more help:
  • The npr_fields module creates custom fields that are useful in mapping drupal data to/from NPR API data.
  • The npr_story module leverages the npr_fields module, creating a ready-made drupal content type, geared for NPR API story pulls.
  • The npr_stations module integrates with (but does not depend upon) npr_pull, allowing one to pull (or cron) stories provided only by certain stations.

If you're pulling down stories from NPR that include audio, be sure to check out the NPR Player Pack module (audio is fairly minimal-looking without some sort of additional player module).

Thanks to our testers: Kevin Hankens, mtift, and musicalvegan0

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