normalize.css is a project providing a stylesheet that replaces the need for a reset stylesheet. Instead of removing all browser default styles, this stylesheet normalizes all browser default styles making it much easier to build your own custom styles on a consistent baseline. Nicolas Gallagher wrote a blog post explaining the details in “About normalize.css.”

This Drupal project is a port of the normalize.css stylesheet that provides:

  1. a stylesheet that follows Drupal’s coding style
  2. a RTL language version of the normalize.css file
  3. a Sass/Compass version of the normalize.css file (from the Normalize.css with Compass project


Nicolas Gallagher explains two approaches to use normalize.css on your website. This project supports both methods.

  1. “Include normalize.css untouched and build upon it, overriding the defaults later in your CSS if necessary.”

    To use this approach, simply enable the Normalize module and override what you'd like in your theme.

  2. “Use normalize.css as a starting point for your own project’s base CSS, customising the values to match the design’s requirements.”

    To use this approach, download the module and copy the normalize.css/normalize-rtl.css or normalize.scss/normalize-rtl.scss files into your theme. You can then add them and modify them like normal theme stylesheets.

    You can optionally enable this module so that the normalize.css stylesheet comes before all other stylesheets. As long as your theme’s version is still named “normalize.css”, your version will be loaded instead of the module’s original version.

Project Information