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NodeTable module is a versatile module for handling HTML tables on Drupal sites. The module provides functionality for creating, uploading, editing, and presenting HTML tables within nodes or as nodes.

It is offers a wider range of functionality than most other HTML table modules in Drupal. See Comparison of modules for managing, creating and importing HTML tables for other options.

Some of the features of NodeTable include:

  • Creates a NodeTable admin panel at content mngt > nodetable
  • Adds a new NodeTable content type which can be managed and displayed like any other node type, including use of CCK and Contemplate modules, adding NodeTables to menus, etc.
  • Allows insertion of HTML tables inside node or block content via an input filter
  • Generates complete HTML markup for tables automatically
  • Allows import of .csv files of any size which automatically generates a new nodetable
  • Allows manual creation of tables within the NodeTable admin panel
  • Allows export of .csv files from existing NodeTables
  • Generates sticky headers automatically
  • Supports flexible column sorting on none, one, or multiple columns
  • Supports a default sort column with asc / desc option
  • Supports add, delete, edit of rows and columns
  • Supports drag and drop reordering of rows and columns (row reordering works only when no column sorts are enabled)
  • Auto-generates and inserts unique table ID, 'nodetable' class, header markup, and even / odd row classes
  • Allows individual cell styling via a specialized markup that inserts any kind of HTML into cell markup (e.g., classes, IDs, styles, etc.)
  • Robust permission settings allow control of accessing, creating, editing, and deleting tables

NodeTable offers functionality very similar to TableManager module, but it has a different code base and is intended for use on production D6 sites. The main functional differences between NodeTable and TableManager modules are:

  • NodeTable generates real nodes. TableManager tables have paths, but aren't full nodes.
  • NodeTable lacks certain graphing features offered in TableManager

The initial NodeTable release will be for D6. An upgrade to D7 is planned once the D6 version has stabilized. No releases will be created for older Drupal versions.

NodeTable module is still in the development stage, but the code is fairly robust and has been tested on multiple installs. A few bugs/kinks remain to be worked out. The release of a .dev version of the module is expected soon, possibly by the end of April.

If anyone is interested in helping us test the module, please post on this thread in the issue queue. Any other expressions of interest are welcome, too.

We are also interested in help with the upgrade path from TableManager to NodeTable. Any volunteers?

NodeTable module has been sponsored by the Davis Applied Technology College and by The module code was written by snufkin and zserno.

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