This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

NodeStream 2 rc2 is out, but can't be built on at this time due to #1871284: Add Epic Editor to the packaging whitelist. The release will be out once it is commited. Fetch it from git in the meantime!

NodeStream is a Drupal installation profile designed to provide a platform for building and extending highly functional websites quickly. Based on best practices, NodeStream provides a set of well maintained, generic and widely used modules that provide a solid foundation for your website.

NodeStream Core is the base platform and NodeStream products are great add on features that can be turned on or off to target your project for things like intranets, newspapers, or enterprise websites.

NodeStream can be used as a simple starting point, or leveraged to provide complex functionality out of the box.

For more information about features, see
For documentation, consult the NodeStream handbook:


An upgrade path will be provided from all beta releases and later. Please consult the UPGRADE.txt file for more info.

Documentation and help

Documentation is available in the handbooks. If you need direct help you can join the #nodestream IRC channel on freenode.

Developers interested in working with NodeStream 2 probably want to go directly to the site building guide.

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Payed time

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