Add tabs to existing nodes to create new related nodes. By creating nodes in context, the user avoids having to select the referenced node manually.


Drupal 6

The following features are available in the Drupal 6 version only :

  • For consistency, it is possible to create both references and referrers
  • It is possible to create relationships with existing nodes. In particular it handles CCK build-in multiple values, so it is possible to create a relationship with a node that already has relationships
  • When creating related content, it is possible to use fields of the original node as default values for other fields in the newly created content
  • Menus to create related content can be on a different page ; on the same page (hidden with a javascript effect) ; or attached to each of the fields (when present) that represent the related data
  • Menus are themeable

At the time of writting, Nodereferrer itself has not been fully ported to Drupal 6, however a patch is available at . Nodereferrer Create will function with the patched version of Nodereferrer.

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