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Drupal 7 Version

This module exposes nodes referenced via the node_reference (References) module in two ways:

1.- Provides a field formatter to display as jQuery UI Tabs, the nodes referenced in a field. This allows to display this references as tabs, not only in a node page but also in any section that allows to display fields with an available formatter (views, panels, etc...).

2.- Also, if desired, the render arrays of the referenced nodes are available to themers in node.tpl.php, so that they can be printed easily as shown in the inline documentation:

 * Implementation of hook_preprocess_node().
 * Adds the render array for each referenced node attached 
 * to the parent node:
 * E.g. if you have a Node Reference field called field_foo and
 * it has three values, the render arrays will be accessible
 * to be printed in this way in a node template:
 * print drupal_render($field_foo[0]['node_rendered']);
 * print drupal_render($field_foo[1]['node_rendered']);
 * print drupal_render($field_foo[2]['node_rendered']);
 * Note that the content for a certain referenced node is available
 * only if the user has access to this content.
 * All options can be configured at:
 * admin/config/content/nodereference_variables

Drupal 6 Version

The Drupal 6 version requires the tabs module in order to display the nodes as jQuery UI Tabs. The way in which a rendered node can be printed in the node.tpl.php is also different. The inline documentation can be seen in the module's code. (D6 version!)

Module created by Greg Harvey
Active maintainer is Salvador Molina Moreno:
And sponsored by Code Enigma:

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