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If you have ever faced the problem of adding extra information to a nodereference, e. g. an amount, tag or booking information, there hasn't been an easy solution yet. This module aims at filling in this particular niche by introducing a new CCK field type inheriting as much as possible from standard nodereference fields. Major features include:

  • CCK field type "Node reference Quantifier"
  • Customizable form field appearance
  • Various field formatters
  • Re-use of standard nodereference widgets and its settings
  • Integration widget provided by Nodereference Explorer

On the node edit form editors can enter abitrary information into a simple textfield next to a nodereference widget. Field formatters let you customize the appearance when viewing the node.

This project has been initially sponsored by David Malan from Codevelopment.

If you found this module useful, please help me to keep maintaining by donating and/or contact me for professional paid support.


This module just supplies a new CCK field type with an extra subwidget and settings. For questions concerning the administration, theming and customization of CCK fields I refer to the official CCK project and handbook.

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