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The NodeMaker suite is currently under heavy, active development, an we expect an alpha release in the next couple of weeks which translates to roughly the middle of August. We'll be pushing for a DrupalCon Munich release announcement!!

General Information

NodeMaker is the standard distribution used to develop premium themes at ThemeGeeks. The NodeMaker distribution provides a wealth of default features that provide a fantastic starting point for any small site, and for many a large project as well. NodeMaker is NOT required to be used for any theme purchase at ThemeGeeks, however, using it will ensure your theme appears out of the box as you'd expect. The default content provided in the distribution directly demonstrates all sorts of theme layer magic.

If you are using a ThemeGeeks premium theme that is not based on one of the other popular distributions we create themes for, then NodeMaker is exactly what you want!



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NodeMaker Suite

The following list of modules/features/apps is the center of the NodeMaker distribution. By default, all these modules come enabled by default, and include default content that demonstrates each feature to its fullest. Each individual app is hosted on for management, support and maintenance.

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