Node JS Chat module example
Chat block settings page

A simple Node JS chat block. The module will provide an easy-to-use interface so that other modules can extend it and make use of its functionality in different ways.

The Node JS Chat module provides a simple chat block that allows the users of a site to talk with each other through a realtime chat that relies on the Node JS server provided by the Node.js module .

Each chat block placed within a page of the site gets an individual ID, and all users visiting that page are automatically added to the chat channel. This means that if the block is placed in, say, all the nodes for a content type "X", every node for that content type will have its own chat channel.


Report an issue:

If you experience any trouble when using the chat, and think there's a bug in it, please consider using the template created in #2137781: TEMPLATE to report new issues. to report an issue. Thanks!

This module is written by Salvador Molina (@salva_bg) and has been sponsored by Code Enigma.

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