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With this module comments can be full nodes. For every content type you can choose to use different content type as comment, or to continue using Drupal core comments.
Thanks to this module, comments can have fields, revisions, taxonomy, uploaded files, access control and anything else that comes from the goodness of nodeapi.



Current state of the module

2.x is not supported any more. Please don't submit new issues related to it.
3.x branch continues to get new features and fixes. I am using it on a production site. Generally it's quite stable, when using basic features. New advanced features may have bugs, so make sure you have backups and test your configuration carefully.

New features, only in 3.x

  • Comments can have own comments, in a separate thread.
  • So a site can have product nodes, commented with reviews, which themselves are commented with comments.

  • Better admin UI.
  • I always thought the module deserves own settings page where you can get overview of content types. Now it's reality.

  • Cleaned up, polished code:
    • Increased DB consistency
    • 2.x branch had many problems with consistency: broken referential integrity, orphan entries, poor architecture. I hope to solve these problems in 3.x

    • Less hacks.
    • Seriously, we now have exactly one hack around comment module. 2.x branch had more, and suffered greatly because of it.

  • More efficient queries, where possible
  • The module is now officially MySQL only, which allows us to use upsert queries, for example.

  • API for developers

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