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Look - this hasn't been touched for a while, and I've noticed now that jCarousel now includes views support, and uses the same jCarousel library that this module did. I suggest using that module instead of this one.

An easy-to-use method for displaying nodes using the jCarousel library for jQuery. Nodes can be chosen via Node Type/Taxonomy, by using a nodequeue, or else by using a hook to feed nodes to the display.

Dependencies - Drupal 5

Dependencies - Drupal 6

Nodecarousel for Drupal 6 needs a copy of jcarousel installed inside of it. You will want to go to and download the latest version of jcarousel - put it in the nodecarousel module, so that the path from nodecarousel to the js file is /jcarousel/lib. It won't work if you don't download and include this!

In this version, nodequeue is no longer required.

Module co-developed with the help of Greg Hines.

Development and maintenance co-sponsored by pingVision.

Originally developed for and used at Popular Science.

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