This module allows those with the appropriate permissions the right to create blocks for each node. By default these blocks display the node title as the block title and the node teaser as the body. This can be themed by overriding the theme('nodeasblock', $node) function. The goal of this module is to break down conceptual barriers between nodes and blocks.

This project was originally created by Mark Fredrickson (mfredrickson), based on some work by chud: It's currently maintained by Ronny López (dropcube)

Want an unbiased opinion of the module? Check out this review from the Vancouver Tech Guy.


I get quite few theming questions for node as block. Here are some useful resources:

Create a .tpl file to control your node as block content:

Showing the entire node instead of just the teaser:

Update note: (May 26, 2008)
We are currently fixing a set of bugs reported in the issue queue and preparing the migration to Drupal 6.x compatibility. Tests and feedback appreciated.

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