Node Access Keys helps to grant users temporary view permissions to selected content types on a per user role basis. You can have multiple Access Keys for different content types and user roles.

As an example, this module could be used on a registration site that requires content to be hidden from a non-registrant but visible to users who have registered. An Access Key could be emailed to them which would grant them view permission to the content types specified. This makes it so users are not required to have individual user accounts.

This module has built-in integration for use with the Views module.


  • Unlimited number of access keys
  • Access Keys can be associated with 1 or more node types
  • Access Keys can be associated with 1 or more user roles
  • Log out page for destroying an anonymous user's Access Keys
  • Ability to set the 403 page when Node Access Keys isn't relevant
  • Permission setting for configuring Node Access Keys
  • Views integration

Possible Conflicts

Node Access Keys works with user sessions and thus problems may arise if you are running reverse proxies like Varnish where pages are cached for anonymous users.

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