Allows a node to generate a password for itself that users must enter into their profile to be able to see that node.

The idea is that someone who has access to the node anyway (e.g., because of their user role) will be shown the password which they can then give to somebody else in person.

Usage example

You run a building management website and are obligated to provide fire safety reports to residents.
Create a node type representing 'property', and create nodes representing apartment buildings with the fire safety information.
Create a nodeaccess_password realm named 'resident'.
Use another node access module to give access to the property node to someone in a user role 'manager' access to see the property and it's passwords.
This manager gives the password (in person, or by mail) to residents along with instructions.
Residents can now sign up to the website and enter the password into the profile to be given access to see the property page, and to see it listed in views.

Content access modules

There are also many other Content access control (Node access) modules that you can use to provide additional ways to grant access to nodes for more users.

Recommended modules

  • Devel node access
    Part of the Devel project. Provides blocks displaying Content access control (Node access) modules' node access records for nodes and node access grants for users. Useful for debugging site configuration.
  • Node access rebuild bonus
    Provides some administrative benefits for sites with Content access control (Node access) modules.

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