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The Node Tasklist module makes content types interactive by creating a unique page and block for each specified content type that you have configured. The page and block show the full edit form for that node type. The purpose of this module is to address situations where you are continuously editing or adding data.

If you only need edit one field on a node, try editablefields.

How it works

Each time you visit the page or block created by this module you are presented with the edit form of the most recent node of that content type. When you save your changes, you are returned to the same page so you can perform another update to the node.

On the settings page you can set this module to create a blank node on a scheduled interval. Currently it will produce fresh nodes daily or weekly, or not at all.

This module also supports multi-user functionality. If enabled, it will check which users have the ability to edit the given content type and will generate fresh nodes for each user of that type at the interval specified.

The title field is automatically filled in with this module, because of this it has been set to not display for the user. Please contact me if you need this to be configurable, it will come in one of the next updates.

Use cases

Some examples of when this module might be useful:

  • You want users of your site to fill out a weekly survey you built in CCK
  • You want a shared checklist of weekly tasks for your employees
  • You want to track information that happens daily, such as your diet, sleep/wake times, or other information using a content type
  • You need a way of editing that involves the minimum amount of steps possible (think mobile devices)


  1. Visit the settings page in the administration section to choose which content types you want to enable then save your changes
  2. Review the settings for each content type that you enabled
  3. Save the settings after you are satisfied with the configuration
  4. Run cron if you are using the node auto-creation features
  5. Place the tasklist blocks on your pages OR use the /tl/type URL to update your new tasklist

Known Issues

  • Title fields are hidden by this module, I realize some people do not want this, the requirement will go away in future.
  • This module is stable for Drupal 6 only right now. A Drupal 7 version is now in development.
  • You may need to run cron as "user 1" to support some node creation options.

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