The Nodereference filter module will add a new admin section to manage node autocomplete filtering options per nodereference auto complete field, per node type (admin/content/nodereference_settings).
This module will overwrite the ajax request and give the ability to apply filtering options when searching for a node in the autocomplete field.

Additional filtering options:

- [start] - this option is used to match only the start of the node title with the search term
- [T:node_type] - this option is used to restrict results to a specific node type, must be defined as an available node type for the field
- [L:language] - this option is used to restrict results to a specific language, must be an available language value for the site
- By node id - to search for a node id, enter the search term as the node id

E.G. - By text

E.G. - By node id
* filter options are not really needed for a node id search, but can be applied

This module also includes a small sub-module called node autocomplete edit link, this module will add an edit link next to any node reference
autocomplete field that is populated, linking to the edit form for the node.

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