This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This project has been discontinued in favor of Menu Node Views.

Core menu system allows creation of menu items with a custom title and description. This module instead uses node->title and node->body as corresponding title and description. Path is node/#nid by default, you can specify another manually.
This module also provides a Views field so you can create a list of node menu items as links addressing to given path instead of the node page.

Use Case

1. I need a cool Menu Page, with a nice Icon and long description for every item
2. Items can link to itself, other nodes or other sites
3. I need a block version of that menu, without icons and description (just a normal Drupal menu)
4. System should care about user permissions, listing only the items user is granted to view

Similar functionality

This module generates ONE and only ONE menu item for every node. Do you want a custom block of menu items for your nodes? Try CCK Node Menu.


Drupal 6 release sponsored by Iglesia La Vid (Cusco, Perú).
Drupal 5 release sponsored by Satio Software Solutions.

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