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This module allows node editors to assign blocks to regions on a node base. In the node edit form a fieldset will be added in which the blocks can be dragged into a desired region. The blocks will be added to the blocks already present in the region.


After enabling the module (admin/build/modules), the Node-level Blocks functionality can be enabled for each content type separately. Navigate to admin/content/node-type/[TYPE_NAME] to configure this functionality.


While editing a node (node/[nid]/edit), a fieldset will be available in which each enabled region and available blocks are ready to be dragged.

Nodeblock integration

Very often you have a view and on this view you want to allow users to change the blocks as well. But the view is not a node... In the dev version there is now integration between this module and Nodeblock. A nodeblock can now set node level blocks as well.

Path-level Blocks

Thanks to a sponsorship of MrHaroldA there now is a Path-level blocks functionality that allows you to set blocks on a path basis.

Update problems

If you update from 7.x-1.x to 7.x-2.x and you have Node level blocks on your frontpage then you might run into update problems. You can solve this by putting $conf['site_frontpage'] = 'admin'; temporarily in your settings.php.

This module is sponsored by: Colours and ezCompany.

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