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Adds an Images tab to the node page, allowing users to add images to the node using the upload.module. Images may be displayed as thumbnails in the node view, below the node body or in a custom position set in the node.tpl.php template. All images are available in a gallery page, on a Polaroid style.
Note: Images are not saved as nodes. When a node is deleted, all associated images are deleted too.


The 5.x release requires upload.module


In the admin content types page you can enable or disable node images for each content type. The module has its own administration page, to configure the upload directory, the thumbnail resolution, the allowed extensions and the maximum number of images for each node.

The 6.x release has a "Node images" section in the node add page, so users can directly upload images while adding the node. The 5.x release requires the node to be saved first. When the node is saved, the Images tab show the uploaded images for that node. Users can upload new images and edit the old images. A description and a weight is a available for each image.

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