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node_gallery_jcarousel in action


Node Gallery jCarousel is a module that combines two other powerful modules (Node Gallery and jCarousel) to provide an out-of-the-box solution for paging through a gallery of nodes.

The module contains a predefined view along with some CSS and theming to provide a site administrator an easy way to give his/her users more flexibility when paging through image nodes. The pager uses AJAX, so no matter how big your gallery is, the carousel will only need to render at most an unordered list of 7 imagecache presets.

See it in action on the demo site.


  • Leverages the power and large user base of two well-established modules: Node Gallery and jCarousel
  • Uses AJAX to avoid huge page render times when used on large galleries.
  • Can be enabled on a per-relationship basis.
  • No advanced theming or views skills needed. Just install the module, check a box, and you're done.


Known problems

Please file an issue in the issue queue if you have any other problems or questions.

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