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This Module depends on the Node Gallery Module It will take over the display of the gallery landing page and show different jquery slideshows instead of the default list.

Node Gallery

At the moment it supports the Ad Gallery, Easy Slider and the Galleriffic Photo Gallery.
It gives you a Tab on the User Account Page, user/%uid/galleries.
Provides a block for random images.
Provides a user selectable display when creating a gallery

Upload the module folder (as is) to sites/all/modules
Enable the module ( administer > Site configuration > Modules list ) in the node gallery subsection.
( Node Gallery Slideshow Integration )

Slideshow or display control:
On the (create gallery) or (gallery edit) page there is a field set
called "Node Gallery Display Settings" with four options.
Make a selection to display the gallery as desired.

* Default Node Gallery.
(Thumbnails that open a photo gallery with Prev|Next navigation links.)
* AD Gallery.
(Photo display with thumbnails below. Prev|Next navigation, slideshow and slideshow transition selector.)
* Easy Slider Gallery.
(Single photo display with Prev|Next navigation links.)
* Galleriffic Photo Gallery.
(Photo display with thumbnails at the top. Prev|Next navigation and slideshow function.)

Tab control for User account page:
Goto: administer > settings > Node gallery > Common settings
You will find a check box to turn on a tab on the user account with all the galleries
of the account owner.
Enable the view permission for the tab under Administer > User management > Permissions.
Clear the cache for changes to show (Administer > Site configuration > Performance)

Block Control for 'Random Image':
Goto: ( Administer > Site building > Blocks )
Place the block to the region of choice and set the block visibility.

You choose a gallery and the gallery landing page will change.
The display of the single images will not be changed.

The theming of the galleries is done in the node_gallery_display/theme folder.
You can modify the gallery-display-images-list.tpl.php (and/or) gallery-display-image-thumbnail.tpl.php

Each time a change is made, the cache must be cleared.

Additional tweaks can be made in the js files.
It's good to keep a back-up, just in case you mess up.
Each time a change is made, the cache must be cleared.




It's been tested with Chrome, FireFox and Safari.

Cheers, Dirk Gebhardt (DesignWork), module developer and contributor. README BY dbeall

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