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Allows global case sensitive find replace in node body, node title, cck nodes, file paths etc.
Note: file paths is only available in the development snapshot.

Running a find replace creates a snapshot so changes can be undone / redone.

The Undo / Redo functionality runs off a separate history table, only nodes that changed for a particular find/replace are effected.

The find and replace occurs across all node revisions for a couple of reasons.
1. This module was originally written to fix full urls (generated by WYSIWYG's mostly) when moving a site, and I didn't want revision changes to re-break the urls.
2. I didn't want find and replace operations to generate new revisions because this would bloat the node_revisions table quite a bit.
Finding and replacing common text could easily double it.

With a little refactoring, it would extremely simple to make this module support menus, taxonomy or anything else.
As it is it is pretty easy to add support for new items. The history, undo and redo is the same for any table, you just have to pay close attention to make sure you insert data into the history table correctly.

This module should currently be considered alpha since it is very new and has not had much testing.
I highly recommend backing up your data prior to using it.

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